celina louia
03/18/2013 1:16pm

you website gave good and useful information

03/18/2013 1:19pm

I love your webiste Austin!! It gives great information and I love all the different pictures! :)

03/20/2013 7:51pm

Dude, that was a great website and I have learned quite a bit about the circulatory system that I never knew before. An example is that I learned that the blood cells are born and the die in the bone marrow. A thing that you need to look out for is that the spelling and grammatical errors. One is when you meant heart beat but you said hearteat. But overall, amazing job Austin. Keep it up.

Trinity Lee DeHerrera
03/31/2013 6:00pm

This website was absolutely AMAZING Austin!!!!! You did extremely awesome with everything, the pictures the information everything!!!
Just be careful with some typing errors but really good job!!!!


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